Somebody knows.
Somebody knows.

First day of filming!

Current entrance to my old apartment in Hong Kong

It’s been a great start this week! We’ve been speaking with family members to gather more clues about my secret. And we’ll be meeting with potential Private Investigator candidates next week and more family members to help put these puzzle pieces together.

I’ve been learning a lot of different things from different people about my past and the circumstances surrounding my adoption. Each cousin I spoke with so far added their own nuances to my story. And my dad had something completely different altogether. He must have really been kept in the dark — or he’s just not telling me everything he knows. So many secrets.

But last night in Hong Kong was incredible. We were able to go up to my old apartment where I lived when I was just a toddler. A lot has changed since then so I unfortunately didn’t recognize some of it. But luck was on our side since we were able to first get into the building and then into the apartment itself thanks to some super nice tenants who live there now. And we were able to do all this without getting arrested. Score!