Somebody knows.
Somebody knows.

THE SECRET OF B is a feature documentary chronicling the journey to find filmmaker Dave Chan's biological parents beginning in Hong Kong where he was born. 

Dave only found out in his late 30s that he was adopted, and it was purely by accident! A woman he was dating wanted to take him to a fortune teller who needed to know his birth time. So he went looking for a birth certificate and stumbled upon his adoption papers!

He felt like the wind was knocked right out of him. And when he asked his dad, “When were you gonna tell me?,” his dad responded, “When you were older.

So it turns out that everyone in his family knew – except for him. Even his mother took the secret to her grave when she passed away several years ago. He’s since discovered that his grandparents in Hong Kong met a woman who was willing to give up her child. And they told everyone in the family, all around the world, never to tell Dave, because they were afraid he would hate his parents and leave them.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

He always loved his family. And after finding out about his adoption, that hasn’t changed. He was brought up in a loving home with cousins around the world who he will always view as his family. And for that reason, he’s forever grateful to them all. 

So why are we making this documentary?

According to Dave: “Growing up as an only child helped me develop a very curious mind. But this is no longer mere curiosity. It’s as if there’s a cosmic pull for me to connect with my blood relatives. This is a huge step. But life is short. And we need to take these chances.”

What makes this project unique is that no one in Dave’s family knows who his birth parents really are. Those who were in contact with them in the past unfortunately have all passed away. This will make the search more challenging but also a lot more exciting! The Secret of B will have the feel of a mystery as we pull back the layers of this story one by one. We have no idea where this journey will take us. But isn’t that the best part of an adventure?

“Right after I made my discovery, I’d look in the mirror and ask, “Who am I?” 

And that’s what we hope our film will finally answer!